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Swati grew up in India, a country full of colors and stunning architecture, a place where her family introduced her to the world of art and creativity. Assisting her father in painting, rearranging furniture, decorating the family home with native Indian plants, and being constantly surrounded by colors influenced Swati for life.  Swati's clients often compliment her great sense of color.

Swati's journey was both geographical (thousands of miles) and experiential (an entirely different culture).  As newlyweds she and her husband moved to Charlotte from India. Swati had an MBA in marketing but wanted to explore her creative side, so she got herself enrolled in Interior Design program. Throughout her degree program she was often applauded for her acute sense of design and attention to detailing.


She further gained professional training as intern with A Hoke limited, where she worked in their library and gained expertise in Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers. In the years since, she has launched ‘Swati Designs ‘with the vision to develop a nuanced & eclectic interior design approach coupled with the strong desire to help her clients achieve the look THEY want.


Swati has 7 years of Design experience under her belt & believes in continuous learning. She considers herself a successful entrepreneur in Interior design industry & her belief is validated by the testimonials of her clients and long list of clienteles.

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