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Construction Consultation

Renovating a home or commercial space involves a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and we are here to guide you through every step. We will help you push through a tricky renovation crisis, and much needed guidance on material/finish selections.

With 7+ years of looking behind walls, in crawl spaces and through joists, we have a thorough understanding of the renovation process. All too often we see homeowners taking on renovations without a design professional and all of a sudden, there's a thousand trade partners in their house, walls are open, electrical is everywhere, late night *add to cart*'s, and ten decisions that need to be made...right now, or yesterday actually. It's an extremely stressful situation, so we're here to help. 



What to Expect - 

  • Virtual or in-person design sessions focused on specific material selections

  • Provide a clear design plan clients can execute with their contractor.


2hr Session + deliverables   :   $695

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