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Walk-Thru Consultation

A unique and interactive experience that brings design expertise directly to your doorstep. This consultation is perfect if you are looking for inspiration but want to take the lead and finish out the project. Have your pen and paper ready to take notes! We will meet at your project for up to 90 min and together walk from room to room, discussing design ideas, paint colors, solutions to your decorating dilemmas and design challenges.


What to Expect - 

  • We will visit your space to gain firsthand insights into its dynamics, lighting, and architectural elements.

  • You will receive immediate design recommendations and solutions tailored to your space. From color palettes to furniture arrangements, our on-the-spot insights provide clarity for your project.

  • Address your queries and concerns in real-time. And will advise and guide you through the decision-making process.

  • We’ll show ways to incorporate using what you have, and suggestions for any new furnishings and accessories.


Up to 90 min Consultation  :  $275

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