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Do you ever wish that your home or business could be not only beautiful but perhaps unique and aesthetically pleasing too?

 Swati Yadav, an experienced Interior designer and owner of Swati Designs can be the right fit for you.  A talented and highly trained interior designer who knows how to utilize the established design elements of color, balance, scale, pattern mixing, space planning, line of sight, and functionality. She also adds a refreshing, non-parochial world view.

 " I want to create space my clients will love to live in.  My overall style could be described as global and contemporary with traditional overtones. But I listen well and always keep the client's lifestyle and preferences foremost in my mind. It is, after all, THEIR space." – Swati Yadav

 Swati holds a MBA, a diploma in Interior design, and a 3yr degree in Residential and Commercial Design from Centre Piedmont Community College Charlotte, NC. She also has 15 years of visual art experience and loves to incorporate handmade art and objects into her designs.  Where appropriate, she can even include her own personalized art works to make your space unique and special.

Swati's qualification in business and design, allows a unique perspective in understanding and fulfilling her clients desire. Swati Designs is ready to help YOU create your own perfect space.



Design Services

Design Services

Residential Design

Swati Designs offer a full range of fee-based residential design services. From in-home design consultations to solve your design dilemmas to full-scope interior design projects. Swati Designs will help you turn your house into a home that’s perfectly you!

Services include: Space Planning, Furniture Layout, Color Consultation, Furniture Selection, Custom Furniture Design, Accessories Shopping & Styling, and Project Management.


Commercial Design

Swati Designs commercial design services focus on selected projects such as office remodel, Boutiques, Restaurant reconstruction or commercial building lobbies. We work to ensure your vision is built so that it does not just enhance aesthetics on site but adds value and longevity to your business.

Services include: Space Planning, Feasibility Studies, Furniture Layout, Furniture Selection, and Project Management.

Commissioned Art and Wall Murals

Swati Designs offer custom, hand-painted wall murals and art work. We creates, designs and paint wall murals from residential to commercial. Each piece that we create is designed to your specific art style, scale, subject, and color palette.


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Tel: 704-241-2752

Charlotte, NC 

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